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Product Recommendation for Merchant

AS A Merchant user from the Merchant Portal I WANT TO Create recommendation (Product Relationships) for my offers and products SO THAT when a customer is browsing my offer or product page he will see my recommended product/services ACCEPTANCE CRIT...
Guest 15 days ago in Offer Management 0 New

Merchant Review

AS A Customer I WANT TO Create a new Review for an existing Merchant SO THAT I can share my experience with that Merchant ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA - After I create the review as a customer, the review is visible in the Backoffice GUI so that the MPO ca...
Guest 15 days ago in Merchant Management 0 New

Incident Management

AS A Customer I WANT TO create an incident ticket SO THAT I can complain about something ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA as a customer I have some question/concern/complain I want to share with the (Marketplace) Operator, after I created the incident ticket i...
Guest 15 days ago in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) 0 New

Merchant registration and onboarding process

AS A Marketplace Operator I WANT TO create a Merchant registration process by defining all the steps, approval processes, actions to perform and information to capture from the registration forms. SO THAT I can onboard new merchant quicker and gui...
Guest 15 days ago in Merchant Management 0 New

Upload order related documents so that the customer can download them from the Order Detail Page.

AS A Backoffice user (MPO) OR Merchant from the Merchant Portal I WANT TO upload order related documents from the Order record (Order conformation, Invoice, ...) SO THAT the customers can download them from the Order Detail Page. ACCEPTANCE CRITER...
Guest 15 days ago in OMS (Order Management System) 0 New

Add stock information in PLP/SRP/PDP/Autosuggest (Search Bar)

In B2B, B2C, B2BMP and B2CMP it would be useful to display the stock information in: Autosuggest (Search bar) PLP/SRP PDP By default we do have price information in both PLP/SRP and Autosuggest (search bar) but no stock information. By default on ...
Guest 15 days ago in WMS (Warehouse Management System) 0 New

Wrap Code in WYSIWYG Editor

It would be nice to have an option to wrap the code in the WYSIWYG Code Section, that large text or code sections are not displayed as one line.
Guest 17 days ago in CMS (Content System Management) 0 New

Agent Assist: Audit Trail

This is a request to log all actions made by a agent (user) impersonating a customer. Beside the page history especially ordering and form submissions should be logged. This functionality may be needed in the context of internal security complianc...
Robert Krüger 29 days ago in Other 0 New

Add extension points to Shopping List

If you want customise the shopping list by introducing a new relation or extend existing expansions like business units you have to extend the core implementation. The suggestion is to create new expander stacks for the shopping list itself. PLUGI...
Robert Krüger 29 days ago in Shopping List 0 New

Merchant Ratings

The ability to allow customer's/buyers to rate a seller The ability for the operator to manage seller reviews The ability for the merchant to mange seller reviews
Guest about 1 month ago in Reviews 0 New