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OMS (Order Management System)

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Upload order related documents so that the customer can download them from the Order Detail Page.

AS A Backoffice user (MPO) OR Merchant from the Merchant Portal I WANT TO upload order related documents from the Order record (Order conformation, Invoice, ...) SO THAT the customers can download them from the Order Detail Page. ACCEPTANCE CRITER...
Guest 15 days ago in OMS (Order Management System) 0 New

Sell products or services as subscription

Various requirements Supports subscription sales by time period (e.g., weekly, biweekly, monthly, yearly) Supports free trials (digital goods and services) Supports renewal/cancellation of subscription Supports suspension/resuming of subscription ...

Add input field(s) to the manual transition on the OMS

Several times on different projects I'm asked about the following requirement about Order management (OMS) in the Backoffice, examples: When we manually transit order/order item into the state "Registered in the ERP" we would like to save also the...
Andriy Netseplyayev 8 months ago in OMS (Order Management System) 1 Future consideration

Import sales order from 3rd party sales channels

Sales made in 3rd party channels than Spryker, You should be able to import them in Spryker to fulfill them or allow the customers to see/refund/return them Two possible use cases: while moving onto Spryker, to have orders from the legacy system(s...
Danilo Heiduck over 1 year ago in OMS (Order Management System) 1 Planned

Ability to change the sales order content after the purchase

Customers want to amend their orders after their purchase.
Jeremy Fourna 10 months ago in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) / OMS (Order Management System) 0 Long Term Roadmap

Archiving old orders

On most of the projects, the amount of orders (and items) keeps growing over time. On some of them, it reaches millions of items, ~80% of which - is just historical data. Nevertheless, this data is still being used in order tables while searching,...
Andriy Netseplyayev 4 months ago in OMS (Order Management System) 0 New

Support preorder

Ability to support preorders (zero inventory)
Jeremy Fourna about 1 year ago in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) / OMS (Order Management System) / WMS (Warehouse Management System) 0 Ready for Approval/Refusal

Move OMS state from any to any

Sometime during order processing smth goes wrong and order stucks in some state from which we can't move it without some DB manipulations. For example we have several oms events for some action and after the first event system crashes. We are in t...
Anna Kotiuk 9 months ago in OMS (Order Management System) 0 In review

Support multiple payment methods within single order

As GiftCard module provides additional payment method and breaks the rule of "one payment is processed through Order state machine", we would benefit from a generic solution to handle multiple payments within single order. It might lay foundation ...
Ievgen Varava over 2 years ago in Cart & Checkout / Gift Cards / OMS (Order Management System) 1 Future consideration

Sale for set quantity of Products

We would like to have a feature that enables us to make a Sale for a specific quantity of Products before the Sale automatically ends. For example: We have a Toilet that we want to run this promotion on. We sell 1000 of it for half the price (even...
Phillip Litzmann about 1 year ago in Discount Management / OMS (Order Management System) 1 Ready for Approval/Refusal