Save search term on search result page in Spryker backend

Spryker offers different sections with search functionalities in the backend. Often webmasters browse thru elements by using the search. However you might not open the right element in the first place. Whenever I get back to an overview page (e.g. discounts and CMS), the search term and ergo search result are not there anymore. It is one of the painpoints our client Jumbo is pointing out on a regular basis.

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  • Aug 14 2018
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    Michael Vax commented
    September 05, 2018 12:16

    Fully agree, it would be a good usability enhancement. We will add this request to the roadmap

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    Guest commented
    11 Jan 07:54

    Hi Michael

    Do you have any update on this? The client is asking for a feedback on this one.

    Best regards,

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    Guest commented
    01 Mar 12:55

    Hey Philipp,

    I have good news, 

    another team has done this feature recently.

    It will be included in May release. 

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    Guest commented
    18 Apr 05:40

    Hi Michael

    When is the May release with this new feature planned?

    Thanks for the update.


  • Admin
    Jeremy Fourna commented
    18 Apr 07:05

    Hello Philipp,

    There was an error in the previous communication. This improvement has already been shipped with our March (not May) release.

    You can find the right version for the following modules:

    • CmsBlockGui v2.1.2
    • CmsGui v5.2.2
    • Customer v7.20.1
    • Glossary v3.6.2
    • ProductManagement v0.16.8
    • ProductRelation v2.2.2
    • Sales v8.18.2

    Or update your Spryker project to use Spryker features v201903.0