Multi Curl/Guzzle for Cronjob installation

The way the Core installs the Cronjobs in Jenkins is slow and old. 
At our Project we have 7 Stores with around 12 cronjobs each, and cronjob installation takes more than 1 Hour each deployment. In this time our nessary import jobs are not running at all. 
The Core implementation uses curl there, but the whole spryker core uses guzzle. Why is curl used there and not guzzle.

We've tweak the core implementation a little bit on project level and we're using now multi_curl and that has fasten up the cronjob Installation to 5 Minutes each deployment. So it's fasten up by 12 times.

But I think this should move to the core and should refactored completly. For me this is a Bug.


It's taking so long because every request to jenkins is made synchronously and takes 1-2 Minutes. 

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  • Mar 7 2019
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