Price-Modelling for bottle deposits (german: "Pfand/Mehrweg/Einweg")

Hey, it would be great, if Spryker could add a native feature to model bottle deposits - as they are required for example in Germany (Einwegpfand & Mehrwegpfand). 
It should also be taken into consideration in the basket/checkout calculation.

Thx. Thomas

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  • Jan 17 2019
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    21 Jan 12:12

    I may be wrong, but isn't this a bit too business dependent to add this to core functionalities? In my eyes its very limited to shop applications dealing with deposits ... Hence my question: Couldn't that be represented by product options somehow?

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    11 Feb 14:46

    Hey Guest,

    well my example with the deposits is just my requirement, of course the implementation should be general. One way would be e.g. "forced" product options, which are always added, if if product is added to a basket.

    For the business case: There are quite some countries in the eu, which have a form of deposit for certain kind of products.

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    20 Feb 14:15

    Spryker already provides a concept called expenses for example for shipping costs. A good starting point could be to implement your own expenses module, representing deposits.
    As far as I know the german deposit system a specific product can either have one way or multiple way deposits, so you could have a relation between the expense type and product which automatically applies the right expense to the product during the calculation.