Configure SSL verification in Zed Request client


In order to run our tests in our CI environment with HTTPS we need to use self-signed certificates, and we need to disable verify in the Guzzle client, but this value is hard-coded in the request client.

As a result we have had to override the entire HTTP client.


Add a new config option e.g. ZedRequestConstants::VERIFY_SSL_CONNECTION and implement as follows:

class AbstractHttpClient
    // ...
    protected function sendRequest(MessageRequestInterface $request, ObjectInterface $requestTransfer, $timeoutInSeconds = null)
        $handlerStackContainer = new HandlerStackContainer();
        $config = [
            'timeout' => ($timeoutInSeconds ?: static::$timeoutInSeconds),
            'connect_timeout' => 1.5,
            'handler' => $handlerStackContainer->getHandlerStack(),
            'verify' => Config::get(ZedRequestConstants::VERIFY_SSL_CONNECTION, true)
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  • Nov 28 2018
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