Make deployment information accessible at runtime

Provide some standard format to write such information into a file and have some core infrastructure pick it up. This may be similar to, or perhaps included in the heartbeat page, but not only verbose in case of errors.

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  • Sep 18 2018
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    Dmytro Mykhailov commented
    September 25, 2018 14:24

    Hi Georg,

    Thank you for your idea.

    Could you please provide more data, so we will understand better your use case and the desired outcome? What kind of information is important and how it will help you?

    - Dmitriy Mikhailov

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    Guest commented
    September 25, 2018 14:57

    Hi Dmitriy,
    in the first step this would be a) the git commit information and the b) "marketing version" of the deployment. Also c) the deployment time would be useful. When possible, also some Changelog could be generated. Everything points in the same direction: to be able to provide information to someone how is not able to access the server via ssh etc. to make sure e.g. bugs are filed correctly. Currently we included for example  into our project. 

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    Guest commented
    December 05, 2018 21:06

    We generate a file during the CI process which gets filled by git commit hash, version tag, ci job id and triggering user for example. Every CI Pipeline should have such variables.
    The content of this file is shown in zed backend gui under maintenance included through a twig template.
    Should be easily implemented and every backend user with the proper rights should be able to view it.
    Best regards