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Status In progress
Categories PaaS / PaaS+
Created by Guest
Created on Aug 4, 2021

Allow attaching lambda functions, in this case to create a lambda that would convert image types and possibly resize/optimize

Image optimization is a checkbox on cloudfront, so that part is covered by AWS

but there are more customizable options that would be helpful and being able to add a lambda function of any kind to the cloud functionality would expand the space immensely

In this particular case what is need is:

1. convert file types to webp from png/jpeg/jpg as they are uploaded

2. possibly resize them to make them fit to a certain aspect ratio

I've already solved this issue outside of the spryker cloud:

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  • Jeremy Fourna
    Aug 5, 2021

    Hi Edward,

    Thank you for your idea 👍

    - Jeremy Fourna