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Status New
Categories PaaS / PaaS+
Created by Sebastian Kroll
Created on Dec 2, 2020

Support for .env files in docker/sdk


It would be helpful for local development and stage-system to set environment-variables via .env files. These variables could be merged into the {service}_{store}.env files (global/common-part) while docker/sdk bootstrap deploy.yml runs.

This would also help to not add credentials into git-repositories.

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  • Dmytro Mykhailov
    Dec 2, 2020

    Hello Sebastian,

    Thank you for this clarification. We will collect more details and information from Mike Kalinin. No worries.
    - Dmytro Mykhailov

  • Sebastian Kroll
    Dec 2, 2020

    Hello Jeremy, I added this Idea after Mike Kalinin suggested this in the spryker-community-slack (see link in the idea) so at least some technical context (and how/why we got to this) is provided there.

    But if you need more (general) context/information on this i could add this here.

  • Jeremy Fourna
    Dec 2, 2020

    Hi Sebastian,

    Thank you for your idea 👍

    Could you please provide more data, so we will understand better your use case and the desired outcome? What kind of information is important and how it will help you?

    - Jeremy Fourna