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DataImport Modules csv path check

Currently the csv paths in *DataImport modules are always hardcoded to the module folder. To change the path you always need to rewrite the Config class.
Guest over 4 years ago in Data Import 1 Already exists

Enhance search with language-dependent stemming

This seems to be not trivial on project level in a multi-locale-store which needs different stemming filters due to restrictions of the actual implementation.
Georg Engel over 4 years ago in Search 5 Long Term Roadmap

Enhance product pricing with "reference/base prices" (german: Grundpreis)

Shops that sell food in Germany/EU need to list products with a reference/base price (german: Grundpreis, see: It would be great, if this would be supported natively in Spryker. Example: Produ...
Thomas Hannemann over 4 years ago in Price Management 1 Planned

Pagebuilder Integration for Spryker Standard Shop

- possibility to be able to add Widgets and re-position them to the required layout - to create a layout for the diffrent viewports - backend interface with drag&drop functionality - possibility to select Usergroups (customer, company, etc)...
Guest over 4 years ago in CMS (Content System Management) / Technology Partnerships 0 In review

Category filter on search result page

with this function the user doesn't jump direct to a category the user can filter in a first step and after that he get the right filter per category on the same page better usability by many data Consider only categories of the last level Dis...
Guest over 4 years ago in Search 2 Already exists

Standard / Core module for Google Tag Manager (GTM) integration

Implementation of Data Layer for GTM >> - adding tracking script to Yves - adding configuration for GTM ID at Zed - reporting to GTM via dataLayer events - page views - product impre...
Guest over 4 years ago in CMS (Content System Management) / CRM (Customer Relationship Management) 2 Will not implement

Rule-Based Sales rules to show discounts in yves-Frontend

As shop-owner i want the ability to create and maintain discounts that are shown in the frontend to the customer. UAC: I can create and maintain discounts with the discount-type shopping-rule I can use a rule based system (similiar the conditions ...
Guest over 4 years ago in Price Management 0 Long Term Roadmap

Ability to pass in BUs as ids in the MerchantListener
Valerii Trots over 4 years ago in Merchant Management 1 Will not implement

add googe xml sitemap module

like described
Georg Engel over 4 years ago in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 0 Long Term Roadmap

decouple product data from runtime data and code

Product data is preformatted into redis and Elasticsearch. There should be a way to decouple the generation of this assets from the runtime data (e.g. orders, customers). As well this should be decoupled from code. Now, introducing breaking change...
Georg Engel over 4 years ago in DX (Developer eXperience) 6 In review