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Notification Center Capability

With the Notification Center, merchants and shoppers could stay updated on all their activities in one place. They could receive notifications for new orders, order updates, payment confirmations, and delivery updates, all in real-time. The notifi...
Guest about 2 months ago in Other 0 New

Access Management via SAML 2

Customer's have a requirement to integrate access management systems such as active directory via SAML 2
Guest about 2 months ago in User Management 0 New

Provide CSP management inside Zed to avoid the need for code releases to make changes.

It would be good to have a security section for ideas like this. There is already a clear approach for using content-security-policy headers here, but as it's a code change it would take code releases to modify.
Guest 3 months ago in Other 0 New

Merchant Portal: optimisation of update attributes process

Currently we have save request for every attribute, so updating and processing for several attributes(for example, on my project more than 140 attributes) on the Update Product Page takes a pretty much time. I suggest two ways how to optimise it: ...
Guest 4 months ago in DX (Developer eXperience) 0 New

Image upload

Replace all Image URL fields in the Backoffice & Merchant Portal with a file upload option.
Guest 4 months ago in Back-Office 0 New

Archiving old orders

On most of the projects, the amount of orders (and items) keeps growing over time. On some of them, it reaches millions of items, ~80% of which - is just historical data. Nevertheless, this data is still being used in order tables while searching,...
Andriy Netseplyayev 4 months ago in OMS (Order Management System) 0 New

Filtering on Offers

For the Marketplace storefront, When a customer applies a filter to a product with multiple offers, the search should also return the product and offer(s) if the offer(s) is within the filter parameters.
Guest 4 months ago in Search 0 New

Client Certificate Validation

Some clients require certificate validation for incoming connections. We don't have this capability in Spryker cloud OOB. Here is an example of the requirement: (See Authenticating the sender /...
Alex Kiselov 5 months ago in PaaS / PaaS+ 1 In review

Entity Links in Merchant Portal

Currently we only can reference some lists by direct link in the merchant portal: list of orders, list of offers, list of products.But there is no way to have a direct link to some specific order or product (by ID). From user perspective - we cann...
Alex Kiselov 5 months ago in DX (Developer eXperience) 1 In review

B2B - share a confirmed order

In the B2B Order History, where we have Reorder, Return etc., can we also have a 'Share' option? This would be useful in cases where each order needs to be confirmed by the B2B Operator (based on either manufacturing planning process, profitabilit...
Sanjay Vaniyambadi Jayakumar 6 months ago in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) 0 New