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Manage product measurement -unit, -sales-unit and -base-unit in GUI

There is no possibility to manage this one via backend or other else. The management takes place by shop manager team (only backend management). Could u please provide a backend GUI for all unit entities?
Thomas Lehner 3 days ago in PIM (Product Information Management) / Back-Office 0 New

Replacing Code Generators with StackOverflow Importer

As a Developer community we would deeply benefit from having an automated importer that is connected to Stack Overflow, this way we could avoid the hassle of having to copy and paste, as this is prone to loosing indentation and format
Guest 3 days ago in DX (Developer eXperience) 0 New

Payone (PSP): Add all Klarna payment methods

Next to invoice / Kauf auf Rechnung (pay later), also direct debit / Lastschrift (pay now) and instalments / Ratenzahlung (slice it) should be considered as additional payment methods.
Danilo Heiduck 15 days ago in Technology Partnerships 0 Future consideration

Dont reload PDP on selection of superattribute

As a customer i dont want to reload the pdp on each selection of a superattribute, to avoid delays in selecting products.
Simon Mathis 23 days ago in Storefront 0 Planned

Unzer (PSP): new payment method PayPal Express

Unzer will also support soon PayPal Express. Please consider adding this payment method.
Danilo Heiduck 15 days ago in Technology Partnerships 0 Long Term Roadmap

Annex Cloud as loyalty provider

Build integration to Annex Cloud, as loyalty solution.
Jeremy Fourna about 2 months ago in Technology Partnerships / CRM (Customer Relationship Management) 0 Long Term Roadmap

Data export from the backoffice tables: per-user configuration

We have an ootb grid-export functionality in our backoffice which allows to "download" the displayed data in the CSV format. In a multi-country setup different back-office users are interested in different kinds of data. So this will be very usefu...
Andriy Netseplyayev 14 days ago in Data Export 0 In review

Sell products or services as subscription

Various requirements Supports subscription sales by time period (e.g., weekly, biweekly, monthly, yearly) Supports free trials (digital goods and services) Supports renewal/cancellation of subscription Supports suspension/resuming of subscription ...

Dark Theme switcher for Back-office

The new ZED is too bright. All tabs now feels too much snowy white. It would be awesome if there is a quick Theme Switcher (Dark/Light).
Jose Maria Valera Reales 4 months ago in Back-Office 0 In progress

Manage CMS content via API

We need to be able to create CMS content via Spryker API Pages Blocks Slots Templates Content items (all and new types)
Jeremy Fourna 3 months ago in CMS (Content System Management) 0 Future consideration