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Change the name of AuthenticationHandler

The following plugin doesn't have the "Plugin" suffix at the end. SprykerShop\Yves\CustomerPage\Plugin\AuthenticationHandler For this reason, the plugin is recognized as PrivateAPI. Please change it to: SprykerShop\Yves\CustomerPage\Plugin\Authent...
Zanggar Muratkhan 13 days ago in Other 0 In review

Change name of AgentAuthenticationSuccessHandler

I suggest adding a "Plugin" suffix at the end of the following class SprykerShop\Yves\AgentPage\Plugin\Handler\AgentAuthenticationSuccessHandler Otherwise, this class is considered PrivateAPI.
Zanggar Muratkhan 14 days ago in User Management 0 In review

Cart based rules to have cart based conditions

Gooood Morning, So, my idea is that when setting up cart discount rules that we have by default cart based conditions that we can choose. Currently for example there is item quantity , item price etc, but that is based off a single product matchin...
James Hooper 19 days ago in Cart & Checkout 0 Already exists

Change name of CurrencyAwareSuggestionByTypeResultFormatter

As the class Spryker\Client\CatalogPriceProductConnector\Plugin\CurrencyAwareSuggestionByTypeResultFormatter is a plugin please rename it as CurrencyAwareSuggestionByTypeResultFormatterPlugin. I suggest that CurrencyAwareSuggestionByTypeResultForm...
Zanggar Muratkhan 20 days ago in Price Management 0 In review

Add values to SQL exception

Sometimes smth goes wrong and SQL queries fail. Often it's important which values figured in a query, aspecially on PROD env. For example we have message in rabbitMQException: "Unable to execute INSERT statement [INSERT INTO `spy_url_storage` (`id...
Anna Kotiuk about 1 month ago in DX (Developer eXperience) 0 In review

Allow Wildchars in CMS redirection ability

Allow Wildchars in CMS redirection ability like * to support Navigation changes more easily. e.g. /news/ will be /company/news i want to redirect all subistes also with /news/* to /company/news/*
Martin Kousek about 1 month ago in CMS (Content System Management) 0 In review

Extension point for bulk queue message processing

Hello, We need an extension point inside of the catch block in this method: \Spryker\Zed\Synchronization\Business\Message\BulkQueueMessageProcessor::runBulkWrite. The current implementation marks all messages as failed in the chunk even though onl...
Bünyamin Inan about 1 month ago in Search 0 In review

Plugin stack for getResponse method in UpdateProductAbstractController

There vendor/spryker/product-merchant-portal-gui/src/Spryker/Zed/ProductMerchantPortalGui/Communication/Controller/UpdateProductAbstractController.php:299 we render data inside method, so we cannot owerwrite just part of the method if we want to e...
Dimitriy Kravchenko about 1 month ago in DX (Developer eXperience) / PIM (Product Information Management) 0 In review

Add new plugin stack for ProductFormTransferMapper

there vendor/spryker/product-management/src/Spryker/Zed/ProductManagement/Communication/Transfer/ProductFormTransferMapper.php:205 - we have plugins which can help extend ProductConcreteTransfer but we have nothing for ProductAbstractTransfer (ven...
Dimitriy Kravchenko about 1 month ago in PIM (Product Information Management) 0 In review

Add an extension point to FileContent

Spryker\Zed\FileManager\Business\FileContent\FileContent: Add a plugin extension point at the end of the save method of the FileContent class.
Zanggar Muratkhan about 1 month ago in CMS (Content System Management) 0 Ready for Approval/Refusal