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Feed Export Generator

Module for generate Feeds for Products, Categories, etc. - customizing feeds via backend - download of feed (datatypes: csv) - upload feed to specific http endpoints
Guest about 4 years ago in Data Export 1 Long Term Roadmap

Better SEO Integration

Editable robot.txt in backend Sitemap generation noindex / nofollow tags should be editable per site Structural Data meta information in Frontend: Breadcrumbs like Productsites like Navi...
Guest about 4 years ago in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 0 Planned

Delete products/variants from Zed

"As a shop manager, I want to be able to delete products in the Zed backend." This is useful because it allows our customers to delete unwanted products from the shop without keeping them in a "zombie" like state.
Thomas Keppler almost 3 years ago in PIM (Product Information Management) 4 Future consideration

UI for Elastic Search

Our customers like to have an interface within Zed to have (at least simple) configuration options.There would always need dev resources for any changes. e.g new synonyms statistics named it...
Danilo Heiduck almost 3 years ago in Search 0 Long Term Roadmap

Backend Admin action history

There is a request to have an Admin (spy_user) action history on the Zed UI. Who has done what, to which entity. This functionality may be needed in the context of internal security compliance and admin action auditing.
Andriy Netseplyayev almost 2 years ago in User Management 1 Future consideration

Search and filter products by multi-value attributes

In Spryker we have a multi-value attribute management capability in Zed UI, but when it comes to other basic features like: Find product(s) by one of the value(s) of a multiple attribute Display a facet, based on multi-value attribute and allow fi...
Andriy Netseplyayev over 2 years ago in PIM (Product Information Management) / Search 2 Future consideration

Possibility to delete customer addresses in the zed customer address table.

It would be very helpful for a Spryker shop manager to delete an old or wrong address in the zed backend for the shop customers.
Guest over 2 years ago in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) 2 Future consideration

Dark Theme switcher for Back-office

The new ZED is too bright. All tabs now feels too much snowy white. It would be awesome if there is a quick Theme Switcher (Dark/Light).
Jose Maria Valera Reales about 1 year ago in Back-Office 0 In progress

Add a possibility to have locales like "de_DE" and "de_AT" at the same time.

Add a possibility to have locales like "de_DE" and "de_AT" at the same time. Currently, there is no. We have a problem with the import when we have two different stores for two different countries which have the same language with different locale...
Helen Laktionova over 1 year ago in CMS (Content System Management) / PIM (Product Information Management) 1 Planned

Voucher codes can be marked as "once-per-customer" to allow for universal discount codes

For example, the code HAPPYNEWYEAR is good for 20% off. All customers can use this same code, but each customer can use it only once. It's a common rule with voucher creation, A customer asked for it as they need it for a new campaign.
Guest over 3 years ago in Discount Management 7 Planned