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Reporting & Analytics

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Tracking and Reporting of Sales Assist feature

Customers rely on our sales assist feature where an internal employee is able to place an order on behalf of our customer. In order to have no discussion at a later stage, it is requested to provide a bit more transparency on who has placed the or...
Jannick Neu 9 months ago in Reporting & Analytics / User Management 0 New

Basic end-customer tracking for login

Our customer WBI heavily relies on their platform and needs some more information about the end-customer engagement with the platform. What is our customer interested in: when did their end customer log in last time History of logins make it acces...
Jannick Neu 9 months ago in Reporting & Analytics 0 In review

Reporting and analytics solution in Spryker

Review and customize reports to identify key trends in the business? Leverage AI to surface insights, predictions, or recommendations (e.g., predictive analytics or what-if scenarios)?
Jeremy Fourna over 1 year ago in Reporting & Analytics / Technology Partnerships 0 New

Statistics in GlueApi

It would be nice to get GlueAPI end-points to get stats data, like we have on the dashboard in Backoffice.
Tkachenko Andriy over 2 years ago in Reporting & Analytics 2 In review