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Technology Partnerships

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Merchant & Customer Chat services

A Messaging service for customers and merchants to interact in any way
Mashay Constantine-Yon 10 months ago in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) / Merchant Management / Technology Partnerships 3 In review

Add Facebook Conversion API integrator

Implement an integrator so that this can be added via a few clicks as per those listed here
Alistair Johnston 10 months ago in Technology Partnerships 0 New

API support in Payone ECO module

The Payone ECO module should support Glue API endpoints
Jeremy Fourna 11 months ago in Technology Partnerships 0 Future consideration

Payone (PSP): Add all Klarna payment methods

Next to invoice / Kauf auf Rechnung (pay later), also direct debit / Lastschrift (pay now) and instalments / Ratenzahlung (slice it) should be considered as additional payment methods.
Danilo Heiduck 11 months ago in Technology Partnerships 0 Future consideration

Unzer (PSP): new payment method PayPal Express

Unzer will also support soon PayPal Express. Please consider adding this payment method.
Danilo Heiduck 11 months ago in Technology Partnerships 0 Long Term Roadmap

Annex Cloud as loyalty provider

Build integration to Annex Cloud, as loyalty solution.
Jeremy Fourna about 1 year ago in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) / Technology Partnerships 0 Long Term Roadmap

Real Time prices/ analytics

A new module for price analytics should provide our customers, a very good insight about competitors'. This module can collect price data from predefined vendor web-sites/shops and let our customer adjust their prices for same/similar products on ...
Aytac Oral about 1 year ago in Price Management / Technology Partnerships 1 Ready for Approval/Refusal

Reporting and analytics solution in Spryker

Review and customize reports to identify key trends in the business? Leverage AI to surface insights, predictions, or recommendations (e.g., predictive analytics or what-if scenarios)?
Jeremy Fourna about 1 year ago in Reporting & Analytics / Technology Partnerships 0 New

demo shop implementation - for industry partner modules

In many of our projects - most of the effort is getting invested in figuring out how to connect expert systems like PIM, ERP, search solutions and afterwards map them to explicit spryker features (or build it, if its missing). This implementations...
Patrick Schönfeld over 2 years ago in Technology Partnerships 1 In review

Apache Kafka with Avroformat implementation for Middleware

Apache Kafka is a data streaming plattform. We use it to communicate data between our services and systems. There are already really much companies that are using Kafka and in the future there are more and more companies that will use it. So it wi...
Guest over 3 years ago in Technology Partnerships 0 New