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Add ability to proxy-pass requests in the Cloud/Docker environment.

We need to show some external services as part of the main website (blogs, cms, etc.) on a sub-path of the main website. (Subdomain or redirect is not an option.)
Alex Kiselov over 1 year ago in PaaS / PaaS+ 1 In progress

Apply Cloud Setting Without Redeployment

Currently, if we need to change Parameter Store variable, it requires full re-deployment to apply them in the environment. Full re-deployment even with same version (no code changes) takes up to 25 minutes. It would be good to apply such changes o...
Alex Kiselov 10 months ago in PaaS / PaaS+ 1 New

Support for .env files in docker/sdk

See: It would be helpful for local development and stage-system to set environment-variables via .env files. These variables coul...
Sebastian Kroll over 2 years ago in PaaS / PaaS+ 3 New

Ability to create dumps of DB snapshots

As a Spryker Cloud Customer / Partner I WANT TO have this Self-Service capability: Be able to create dumps from DB snapshots, from my environments SO THAT I may manage my DB needs more autonomously.
Danilo Heiduck about 1 year ago in PaaS / PaaS+ 0 New

restart-policies for docker/sdk container

it would be great to get a possibility to control the container's restart-policy via deploy-files
Sebastian Kroll about 2 years ago in DX (Developer eXperience) / PaaS / PaaS+ 3 New

Client Certificate Validation

Some clients require certificate validation for incoming connections. We don't have this capability in Spryker cloud OOB. Here is an example of the requirement: (See Authenticating the sender /...
Alex Kiselov 7 months ago in PaaS / PaaS+ 1 In review

Allow attaching lambda functions, in this case to create a lambda that would convert image types and possibly resize/optimize

Image optimization is a checkbox on cloudfront, so that part is covered by AWS but there are more customizable options that would be helpful and being able to add a lambda function of any kind to the cloud functionality would expand the space imme...
Guest almost 2 years ago in PaaS / PaaS+ 1 In progress