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Merchant Portal: optimisation of update attributes process

Currently we have save request for every attribute, so updating and processing for several attributes(for example, on my project more than 140 attributes) on the Update Product Page takes a pretty much time. I suggest two ways how to optimise it: ...
Guest 4 months ago in DX (Developer eXperience) 0 New

Entity Links in Merchant Portal

Currently we only can reference some lists by direct link in the merchant portal: list of orders, list of offers, list of products.But there is no way to have a direct link to some specific order or product (by ID). From user perspective - we cann...
Alex Kiselov 5 months ago in DX (Developer eXperience) 1 In review

Add values to SQL exception

Sometimes smth goes wrong and SQL queries fail. Often it's important which values figured in a query, aspecially on PROD env. For example we have message in rabbitMQException: "Unable to execute INSERT statement [INSERT INTO `spy_url_storage` (`id...
Anna Kotiuk 7 months ago in DX (Developer eXperience) 1 Will not implement

Add an extension point into CategoryType

Spryker\Zed\CmsBlockCategoryConnector\Communication\Form\CategoryType Replace const SUPPORTED_CATEGORY_TEMPLATE_LIST with configuration.
Zanggar Muratkhan 8 months ago in CMS (Content System Management) / DX (Developer eXperience) / PIM (Product Information Management) 0 Ready for Approval/Refusal

Add extension points to IntegerToDecimalConverter and DecimalToIntegerConverter

1) Spryker\Shared\Money\Converter\DecimalToIntegerConverter Replace static::PRICE_PRECISION with config. (Configuration strategy). 2) Spryker\Shared\Money\Converter\IntegerToDecimalConverter Replace static::PRICE_PRECISION and "2" (scale) with con...
Zanggar Muratkhan 8 months ago in DX (Developer eXperience) / PIM (Product Information Management) / Price Management / WMS (Warehouse Management System) 0 Ready for Approval/Refusal

SDK: Section with final values of environments that applied to recent build

Currently, there is no way to define what is resulting ENV vars while building the app locally or even in CI or remote server. There is often happens errors related to that and developers started to seek reasons through tones of configs or AWS Sys...
Oleksandr Zakharkin 9 months ago in DX (Developer eXperience) 2 New

Replacing Code Generators with StackOverflow Importer

As a Developer community we would deeply benefit from having an automated importer that is connected to Stack Overflow, this way we could avoid the hassle of having to copy and paste, as this is prone to loosing indentation and format
Guest 11 months ago in DX (Developer eXperience) 0 New

General caching solution for frontend features

Ability to cache external data without importing it via Zed, e.g. json from a third party application or prerendered twig snippets with third party content. This would make it possible to compose a frontend with different tools without the need to...
Manon Heiland about 1 year ago in CMS (Content System Management) / DX (Developer eXperience) 1 New

Support .env Files for local development

Today we use image > environment > VARIABLE only on local and CI Environments as "real" Environments get there configuration from the parameter storage. But this way each change of a variable value needs a rebuild using docker/sdk. It would ...
Daniel Hansmann over 1 year ago in DX (Developer eXperience) 1 Future consideration

Support gzip/brotli response compression for Glue API responses

Some of the clients need to deal with a quite big json responses from Glue API due to: Do as less requests but bigger one-s (with lots of inclusions) is a requirement. In their environment, doing a request is expensive. Dealing with 3rd party serv...
Andriy Netseplyayev over 1 year ago in DX (Developer eXperience) 5 New