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Gift Cards

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Support multiple payment methods within single order

As GiftCard module provides additional payment method and breaks the rule of "one payment is processed through Order state machine", we would benefit from a generic solution to handle multiple payments within single order. It might lay foundation ...
Ievgen Varava over 2 years ago in Cart & Checkout / Gift Cards / OMS (Order Management System) 1 Future consideration

Create ZED UI for the Gift Cards

Summary Create Back office UI that will enable creation of the GiftCards by BackOffice business users. Generation of codes, e.g. is one of the functionality that is expecting.
Andrew Chekanov about 3 years ago in Gift Cards 1 Long Term Roadmap

Better Support for invalid giftcard / discount code error messages

At the moment Spryker skips voucher codes that could not be found in any pool or in gift card table. Therefore it is not easy to say why a code is not valid. Maybe it's a not existent code, an inactive code or just invalid because the active time ...
Guest over 4 years ago in Discount Management / Gift Cards 2 Future consideration