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Price Management

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Automatically update the abstract product price with the cheapest concrete product price

The price that you edit for abstract product is displayed in the shop catalog (PCP) and the product detail page (PCP) for the non configured product (Not product variant). The cheapest concrete product price should be added automatically to the ab...
Wolfgang Angeli 7 days ago in Price Management 0 New

Sell products or services as subscription

Various requirements Supports subscription sales by time period (e.g., weekly, biweekly, monthly, yearly) Supports free trials (digital goods and services) Supports renewal/cancellation of subscription Supports suspension/resuming of subscription ...

Auction management

Support management of auctions for existing products
Jeremy Fourna over 1 year ago in Offer Management / Price Management 0 Ready for Approval/Refusal

Enhance product pricing with "reference/base prices" (german: Grundpreis)

Shops that sell food in Germany/EU need to list products with a reference/base price (german: Grundpreis, see: It would be great, if this would be supported natively in Spryker. Example: Produ...
Thomas Hannemann over 4 years ago in Price Management 1 Planned

Advanced search filter in our PIM & Price Management

We need advanced search filters in the backoffice PIM. Some use cases can be, find products without a price in Euro. Or else find products with the DE description BLANK. Or else find products with Scheduled Prices expiring in 2 weeks. Or else find...
Sanjay Vaniyambadi Jayakumar 11 months ago in PIM (Product Information Management) / Price Management 0 Ready for Approval/Refusal

Price-Modelling for bottle deposits (german: Pfand / Mehrweg / Einweg)

Hey, it would be great, if Spryker could add a native feature to model bottle deposits - as they are required for example in Germany (Einwegpfand & Mehrwegpfand). It should also be taken into consideration in the basket/checkout calculation. ...
Thomas Hannemann over 4 years ago in PIM (Product Information Management) / Price Management 4 Long Term Roadmap

B2B buyers should be able to request a sample product

B2B buyers should be able to request a sample product. This would be different from buying it outright - there would be no price. The concrete product would have to be marked as 'sample=TRUE' and have a (fixed) quantity that is different from othe...
Sanjay Vaniyambadi Jayakumar 8 months ago in Cart & Checkout / PIM (Product Information Management) / Price Management / WMS (Warehouse Management System) 0 In review

Rule-Based Sales rules to show discounts in yves-Frontend

As shop-owner i want the ability to create and maintain discounts that are shown in the frontend to the customer. UAC: I can create and maintain discounts with the discount-type shopping-rule I can use a rule based system (similiar the conditions ...
Guest over 4 years ago in Price Management 0 Long Term Roadmap

B2B: Prices on company / user level

On the project, based on the existing industry standards, we need to have a possibility to specify product prices on company level first and then adjust them on Business Unit and even on User level. The prices should then be resolved in a cascadin...
Andriy Netseplyayev over 1 year ago in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) / Price Management 0 Ready for Approval/Refusal

B2B: provide a company specific discount

Some projects have a recurring request "Can I have 10% discount for the specific company?", since this is the way the organise their business. Right now, ootb, we have to generate prices for merchant-relations for all products with 10% discount fo...
Andriy Netseplyayev over 2 years ago in Price Management 2 Future consideration