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Data Export

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Feed Export Generator

Module for generate Feeds for Products, Categories, etc. - customizing feeds via backend - download of feed (datatypes: csv) - upload feed to specific http endpoints
Guest over 4 years ago in Data Export 1 Long Term Roadmap

Data export from the backoffice tables: per-user configuration

We have an ootb grid-export functionality in our backoffice which allows to "download" the displayed data in the CSV format. In a multi-country setup different back-office users are interested in different kinds of data. So this will be very usefu...
Andriy Netseplyayev about 1 year ago in Data Export 0 In review

I want to export backoffice grids (tables)

We have clients that wants to works with some data in Excel an review rows manually. They want to export admin grids to a CSV file just by clicking a button on the grid screen. (Possibly add filters and select columns.)
Alex Kiselov about 2 years ago in Data Export 2 Already exists

Export shopping list and cart to CSV

When sharing a cart or shopping list for offline use, customers want to be able to export them in CSV format
Michael Vax over 4 years ago in Data Export / Shopping List 0 Future consideration