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Discount Management

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Buy one, get one free (BOGO)

Typical retail use case - buy one webcam, get one podcaster lamp free.
Sanjay Vaniyambadi Jayakumar 9 months ago in Discount Management 0 Already exists

Enhance Discount PBC

The discount and promotion engine allows already a lot of flexibility. However currently the "category-total" property in the conditions tab is missing. Please add so that we also support following use cases: Spend over $30 in Skin Food and get it...
Jannick Neu 9 months ago in Discount Management 0 Ready for Approval/Refusal

Merchant Discounts

The ability for the operator to create Merchant specific or Offer specific discounts The ability for the merchant to be able to self-administer the discounts which the operator can approve
Mashay Constantine-Yon 10 months ago in Discount Management 0 In review

Sale for set quantity of Products

We would like to have a feature that enables us to make a Sale for a specific quantity of Products before the Sale automatically ends. For example: We have a Toilet that we want to run this promotion on. We sell 1000 of it for half the price (even...
Phillip Litzmann about 1 year ago in Discount Management / OMS (Order Management System) 1 Ready for Approval/Refusal

Multiple applications of a single promotional product discount

Use case: Buy a watch, get a strap for free This can be achieved with Promotional Products, but the customer can only apply this discount once per cart. If the customer has more than one watch in the cart - it's not possible to specify that for ea...
Jacquie Rooney about 1 year ago in Discount Management 0 Planned

Manage Coupon Codes in the Customer Account (instead of Checkout / Shopping Cart)

From a user perspective, nothing is more frustrating than the Coupon Code field in a checkout or shopping cart page. Why? Couple of reasons: First off, it creates another friction step in the conversion process. If I have a discount code, I need t...
Guest about 1 year ago in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) / Discount Management 1 In review

Introduce product attribute to make product non discountable

Rather than excluding a product sku in every voucher, an attribute to make a product non discountable would help a lot.Ideally it should be possible to add this both on abstract and on concrete level.This would also be useful for product categorie...
Nathalie Mohr over 1 year ago in Discount Management / PIM (Product Information Management) 1 Will not implement

Automatic Add-to-Cart / Dependent Products

Products which, when added to the shopping cart, "pull" other complimentary products as well Details: This feature needs a more sophisticated behaviour because if the additional items (which have been pulled) are removed, not the main item that wa...
Guest over 2 years ago in Cart & Checkout / Discount Management 0 Future consideration

Max. usage of voucher should be maintainable after voucher code creation

Currently it is not possible the change the max usage of a voucher, once the voucher code has been created. This should be possible. Sometimes a marketing campaing rocks and then we want to change the max retrospectively.
Alexander Winterhoff almost 3 years ago in Discount Management 2 Future consideration

Separation for exclusive discount

Separate exclusivity for vouchers and for the Cart rules and any other type of discount
Andrew Chekanov about 3 years ago in Discount Management 2 Future consideration