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i18n (Internationalization)

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Versioned Glossary

Right now, the glossary entries are either available or non existent. For better upradability, it would help immensely if there was a way to know that a shop manager has updated an entry as to not overwrite it on the next import. A much better app...
Thomas Keppler almost 3 years ago in i18n (Internationalization) 5 Future consideration

Have a function (inside Spryker) to be able to do transliteration of the German language.

There is needed a function to do the transliteration of the german umlaut words (ä - ö - ü). Also have the option to do the transliteration between the variables: UI - URL construction.
Bruno Zamorano about 3 years ago in i18n (Internationalization) / PIM (Product Information Management) / SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 2 Future consideration

Give more details about keys in the glossary section

Jumbo is using the glossary section actively and do include translations also there. Generally glossary keys are used for CMS and Frontend translations. UFirst does usually include in the "Context" column details about where the key is used. Howev...
Guest over 4 years ago in i18n (Internationalization) 5 Will not implement