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Add extension points to Shopping List

If you want customise the shopping list by introducing a new relation or extend existing expansions like business units you have to extend the core implementation. The suggestion is to create new expander stacks for the shopping list itself. PLUGI...
Robert Krüger 3 months ago in Shopping List 0 New

Support pagination for the shopping list

The shopping list overview page has no pagination that can lead to problems for customers with a lot of shopping lists. Browser rendering will take a lot of time and HTTP calls to zed will bring huge results.
Jeremy Fourna over 1 year ago in Shopping List 0 Ready for Approval/Refusal

URL for concrete products

As a customer, I want to return to a selected concrete when I have a concrete product in my cart or shopping list. In our project, we have abstracts with sometime more than hundred concretes and it is not nice that I, as a customer, always have to...
Guest about 2 years ago in Cart & Checkout / Shopping List / Wish List 0 Future consideration

Export shopping list and cart to CSV

When sharing a cart or shopping list for offline use, customers want to be able to export them in CSV format
Michael Vax over 4 years ago in Data Export / Shopping List 0 Future consideration

Rename Shopping List in B2B to Template order

Can we please rename Shopping List in our B2B product to Template order? Lots of people in the industry use that term, thanks to other legacy platforms).
Sanjay Vaniyambadi Jayakumar 11 months ago in Shopping List 0 In review