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User Management

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Backend Admin action history

There is a request to have an Admin (spy_user) action history on the Zed UI. Who has done what, to which entity. This functionality may be needed in the context of internal security compliance and admin action auditing.
Andriy Netseplyayev almost 2 years ago in User Management 1 Future consideration

Add Province/State Field to the Address Form

Add a province/state field to the address form within Yves and surface it in instances the address is used across order histories for buyer, merchant, and operator personas.
Guest about 1 month ago in User Management 0 New

B2B Merchant Portal Translation for Login Page

The login page for Merchant and Operator Portals (aka backoffice) do not pick up the locale of the user such that the experience is always in English until the user authenticates. It is a disconnected experience for non-English speaking users to s...
Ailise Byrne about 1 month ago in User Management 0 New

Support IAM (Identity Access Manager) via the OpenID Connect protocol

Protocol supported by most of the IAM providers on the market We need to support user creation/management inside the back office, merchant creation/management inside the merchant portal, and customer creation/management...
Jeremy Fourna over 1 year ago in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) / Merchant Management / User Management 0 Long Term Roadmap

Merchant user management

The ability for Merchants to manage their own users (add or remove users, update user details) in the merchant portal
Mashay Constantine-Yon 12 months ago in Merchant Management / User Management 0 Long Term Roadmap

Adjust salutation field to fit current society

As a customer of the shop I want to be able to be addressed in the correct way depending on my preferred gender and/or title. Current default behaviour: The customer can choose between static genders or title for salutation like "Mr, Ms, Mrs &...
Guest over 1 year ago in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) / User Management 1 Long Term Roadmap

Access Management via SAML 2

Customer's have a requirement to integrate access management systems such as active directory via SAML 2
Guest 4 months ago in User Management 0 New

One Time Password support

Ability to login via a One -Time -Password
Guest over 1 year ago in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) / User Management 1 Ready for Approval/Refusal

Allow ZED UI users to be able to change their locale

The translations in the ZedUI are varied - OOTB we get 100% english translations and a good amount of German translations. A German speaking company will naturally assign their ZedUI users to the de_DE locale but they may prefer to use the english...
Rick Peacock almost 2 years ago in Back-Office / User Management 1 Future consideration

Tracking and Reporting of Sales Assist feature

Customers rely on our sales assist feature where an internal employee is able to place an order on behalf of our customer. In order to have no discussion at a later stage, it is requested to provide a bit more transparency on who has placed the or...
Jannick Neu 9 months ago in Reporting & Analytics / User Management 0 New