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Dark Theme switcher for Back-office

The new ZED is too bright. All tabs now feels too much snowy white. It would be awesome if there is a quick Theme Switcher (Dark/Light).
Jose Maria Valera Reales over 1 year ago in Back-Office 0 In progress

B2B: Merchant Portal Translations

The text in some OOTB components can’t be translated in the Merchant Portal using the csv files. For example, the text for the empty state of the table doesn’t pick up the translations added to the csv files that other components on the page use. ...
Guest 21 days ago in Back-Office 0 New

Replace SwiftMailer with Symfony Mailer

Symfony SwiftMailer is deprecated and not maintained for a while now. So please update to the symfony mailer or similar
John Andert 11 months ago in Back-Office 0 Future consideration

Image upload

Replace all Image URL fields in the Backoffice & Merchant Portal with a file upload option.
Guest 6 months ago in Back-Office 0 New

Allow ZED UI users to be able to change their locale

The translations in the ZedUI are varied - OOTB we get 100% english translations and a good amount of German translations. A German speaking company will naturally assign their ZedUI users to the de_DE locale but they may prefer to use the english...
Rick Peacock almost 2 years ago in Back-Office / User Management 1 Future consideration

Extend Zed GUI tables with dedicated filters

Right now, tables out of the box only support a fulltext search on all columns/fields configured as "searchable". This leads to editors not being able to particularly filter down by one column, when they need to. Think of an example of trying to f...
Andreas Kleemann over 2 years ago in Back-Office 2 Future consideration

Manage product measurement -unit, -sales-unit and -base-unit in GUI

There is no possibility to manage this one via backend or other else. The management takes place by shop manager team (only backend management). Could u please provide a backend GUI for all unit entities?
Thomas Lehner about 1 year ago in Back-Office / PIM (Product Information Management) 0 Ready for Approval/Refusal

bulk operations in PIM

please allow to have bulk operations in PIM, like changing prices at ones for several SKUs, or, delete pictures, or move to another category
Danilo Heiduck over 3 years ago in Back-Office / PIM (Product Information Management) 0 Future consideration

Better order search in ZED

The search and pagination process in orders table in zed gets somewhat slow when you have lots of orders( eg 500k).
Guest over 3 years ago in Back-Office / OMS (Order Management System) 0 Long Term Roadmap

Global Search in Merchant Portal

Currently in Merchant Portal, Merchant users have to manage both Offers and Products. However this is not easy for them to keep track of what is actually an Offer versus a Product. For example if a Merchant would like to update a price for an exis...
Vincent Boucher 12 months ago in Back-Office / Search 0 In review