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Remove Image & Checkbox Overlap

Remove the overlap between the product image and checkbox on the Order Details page of the buyer profile.
Guest about 1 month ago in Other 0 New

Foreign key - Php Error update

When you try to delete a value that has a foreign key, this breaks with php error. This need to be changed to something better. Like the error of success or error.
Guest 29 days ago in Other 0 New

Provide CSP management inside Zed to avoid the need for code releases to make changes.

It would be good to have a security section for ideas like this. There is already a clear approach for using content-security-policy headers here, but as it's a code change it would take code releases to modify.
Rick Peacock 5 months ago in Other 0 New

To have before and after controller actions per controller

We need some before/after actions for some of controllers. For example log request data for particular requests
Anna Kotiuk 11 months ago in Other 0 Future consideration

Agent Assist: Audit Trail

This is a request to log all actions made by a agent (user) impersonating a customer. Beside the page history especially ordering and form submissions should be logged. This functionality may be needed in the context of internal security complianc...
Robert Krüger 3 months ago in Other 0 New

Notification Center Capability

With the Notification Center, merchants and shoppers could stay updated on all their activities in one place. They could receive notifications for new orders, order updates, payment confirmations, and delivery updates, all in real-time. The notifi...
Guest 4 months ago in Other 0 New

Change the name of AuthenticationHandler

The following plugin doesn't have the "Plugin" suffix at the end. SprykerShop\Yves\CustomerPage\Plugin\AuthenticationHandler For this reason, the plugin is recognized as PrivateAPI. Please change it to: SprykerShop\Yves\CustomerPage\Plugin\Authent...
Zanggar Muratkhan 9 months ago in Other 0 In review