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Search and filter products by multi-value attributes

In Spryker we have a multi-value attribute management capability in Zed UI, but when it comes to other basic features like: Find product(s) by one of the value(s) of a multiple attribute Display a facet, based on multi-value attribute and allow fi...
Andriy Netseplyayev over 2 years ago in PIM (Product Information Management) / Search 2 Future consideration

UI for Elastic Search

Our customers like to have an interface within Zed to have (at least simple) configuration options.There would always need dev resources for any changes. e.g new synonyms statistics named it...
Danilo Heiduck about 3 years ago in Search 0 Long Term Roadmap

immediately open/select a concrete product on the category/product page.

possibility to immediately open one of the variants (concrete product) without having to first select an option on the abstract product page
Bruno Zamorano about 2 years ago in Search 4 Long Term Roadmap

optimize the search function

We would expect this is coming out of the box with Spryker* Typo tolerant search* Show most popular search terms* Show users last search terms
Danilo Heiduck about 3 years ago in Search 0 Long Term Roadmap

Consider existing facet combinations

Assume you have an abstract product with some concretes having two super attributes: size and color. There are colors red, green and blue and sizes S, M and L. Upon publishing to Elasticsearch the abstract will be assigned two string facets one fo...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Search 8 Long Term Roadmap

If a concrete is the only search result, then this concrete should already be selected on the PDP

We have abstract products with mostly more than one concrete and every concrete has a unique EAN Number. As a customer, when searching for an EAN or SKU, I would like to find exactly this concrete and be directed to the PDP with exactly this concr...
Guest about 2 years ago in Search 0 Long Term Roadmap

Extension point for bulk queue message processing

Hello, We need an extension point inside of the catch block in this method: \Spryker\Zed\Synchronization\Business\Message\BulkQueueMessageProcessor::runBulkWrite. The current implementation marks all messages as failed in the chunk even though onl...
Bünyamin Izzet Inan 9 months ago in Search 0 In review

Elastic Search per locale

Provide an OOTB configuration for Elastic Search per locale.
Helen Laktionova over 2 years ago in Search 2 In review

Global Search in Merchant Portal

Currently in Merchant Portal, Merchant users have to manage both Offers and Products. However this is not easy for them to keep track of what is actually an Offer versus a Product. For example if a Merchant would like to update a price for an exis...
Vincent Boucher 12 months ago in Back-Office / Search 0 In review

Enhance search with language-dependent stemming

This seems to be not trivial on project level in a multi-locale-store which needs different stemming filters due to restrictions of the actual implementation.
Georg Engel over 4 years ago in Search 5 Long Term Roadmap