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CMS (Content System Management)

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Wrap Code in WYSIWYG Editor

It would be nice to have an option to wrap the code in the WYSIWYG Code Section, that large text or code sections are not displayed as one line.
Guest 17 days ago in CMS (Content System Management) 0 New

Allow Wildchars in CMS redirection ability

Allow Wildchars in CMS redirection ability like * to support Navigation changes more easily. e.g. /news/ will be /company/news i want to redirect all subistes also with /news/* to /company/news/*
Martin Kousek 7 months ago in CMS (Content System Management) 0 In review

Add an extension point to FileContent

Spryker\Zed\FileManager\Business\FileContent\FileContent: Add a plugin extension point at the end of the save method of the FileContent class.
Zanggar Muratkhan 7 months ago in CMS (Content System Management) 0 Ready for Approval/Refusal

Add an extension point into CategoryType

Spryker\Zed\CmsBlockCategoryConnector\Communication\Form\CategoryType Replace const SUPPORTED_CATEGORY_TEMPLATE_LIST with configuration.
Zanggar Muratkhan 8 months ago in CMS (Content System Management) / DX (Developer eXperience) / PIM (Product Information Management) 0 Ready for Approval/Refusal

Remove Products from "Add More products" Section when adding products to a Abstract product list content item

When adding a new "Abstract product List" content item in the back office, when you click to add products to that list, the product does not disappear from the "add more products" section and a button "add to list" still shows. It populates the pr...
James Hooper 8 months ago in CMS (Content System Management) 0 Ready for Approval/Refusal

Add the ability to upload product related documents (user manual; safety data sheet ...) directly on the Product page

Today the way to add document to PDP is to upload it as a File; and then create a cms content item to ultimately map it to the correct Product from the CMS Product template. This is accomplished via several clicks and steps. It would be more convi...

Merchant Marketing Slots

Operators can sell specific content slots to merchants for better visibility
Mashay Constantine-Yon 10 months ago in CMS (Content System Management) / Merchant Management 0 Ready for Approval/Refusal

Manage CMS content via API

We need to be able to create CMS content via Spryker API Pages Blocks Slots Templates Content items (all and new types)
Jeremy Fourna about 1 year ago in CMS (Content System Management) 0 Future consideration

General caching solution for frontend features

Ability to cache external data without importing it via Zed, e.g. json from a third party application or prerendered twig snippets with third party content. This would make it possible to compose a frontend with different tools without the need to...
Manon Heiland about 1 year ago in CMS (Content System Management) / DX (Developer eXperience) 1 New

API Access to routing / URL management

API to access existing routes, filter routes by type (products, static, categories, etc) , get route via identifier (e.g. SKU). Check if route is in use. Ability to add, change and delete routes for third party applications (e.g. cms page for thir...