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PIM (Product Information Management)

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Sell products or services as subscription

Various requirements Supports subscription sales by time period (e.g., weekly, biweekly, monthly, yearly) Supports free trials (digital goods and services) Supports renewal/cancellation of subscription Supports suspension/resuming of subscription ...

Delete products/variants from Zed

"As a shop manager, I want to be able to delete products in the Zed backend." This is useful because it allows our customers to delete unwanted products from the shop without keeping them in a "zombie" like state.
Thomas Keppler about 3 years ago in PIM (Product Information Management) 5 Future consideration

Add a possibility to have locales like "de_DE" and "de_AT" at the same time.

Add a possibility to have locales like "de_DE" and "de_AT" at the same time. Currently, there is no. We have a problem with the import when we have two different stores for two different countries which have the same language with different locale...
Helen Laktionova over 1 year ago in CMS (Content System Management) / PIM (Product Information Management) 1 Planned

Search and filter products by multi-value attributes

In Spryker we have a multi-value attribute management capability in Zed UI, but when it comes to other basic features like: Find product(s) by one of the value(s) of a multiple attribute Display a facet, based on multi-value attribute and allow fi...
Andriy Netseplyayev over 2 years ago in PIM (Product Information Management) / Search 2 Future consideration

Catalog Management

Catalog Management is a full product information management system that can be used to organize product and catalog information
Jeremy Fourna 8 months ago in PIM (Product Information Management) 0 Future consideration

Attribute sets

Having attribute sets that would connect products with attributes - could be a very handy feature. Each product is assigned to an attribute set, that has defined list of attributes. That would help customers with the following features: Product co...
Andriy Netseplyayev almost 2 years ago in PIM (Product Information Management) 2 Long Term Roadmap

API Access to routing / URL management

API to access existing routes, filter routes by type (products, static, categories, etc) , get route via identifier (e.g. SKU). Check if route is in use. Ability to add, change and delete routes for third party applications (e.g. cms page for thir...

Sell optional services like consulting

In order to enrich the original product portfolio and to cross - upsell. The customer desired a solution that you can book a service, with fix appointment, within the purchase journey. These could be different use cases: installation service assem...
Jannick Neu about 1 year ago in Offer Management / PIM (Product Information Management) / Product Relationship Management 0 Future consideration

Enhanced Product Approval & Vetting

Operators should be able to flag back to the Merchant why a product has been rejected/not suitable for online. Product should automatically be checked to match certain (definable) criteria, e.,g.: mandatory fields must be filled, conditions must b...
Mashay Constantine-Yon 12 months ago in PIM (Product Information Management) 0 In review

APIs for creating or updating any catalog object (products, variants, categories etc)

It should be possible to manage core catalog via an API rather than an importer or creating custom API endpoints. It's core functionality and a blocker to getting a product out to market quickly without help from support or solutions architects.
Guest almost 2 years ago in PIM (Product Information Management) 1 Long Term Roadmap