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Move Manage Attributes for Abstract Product to the tabs

Hey, So I have been creating an abstract product and found that you have to save your abstract product first and then click the button to manage attributes. Could be nicer to have it in the tabs where the SEO and Images bit are so that as you are ...
James Hooper 2 days ago in PIM (Product Information Management) 0 New

Merchant Discounts

The ability for the operator to create Merchant specific or Offer specific discounts The ability for the merchant to be able to self-administer the discounts which the operator can approve
Mashay Constantine-Yon 12 days ago in Discount Management 0 Ready for Approval/Refusal

Enhanced Product Approval & Vetting

Operators should be able to flag back to the Merchant why a product has been rejected/not suitable for online. Product should automatically be checked to match certain (definable) criteria, e.,g.: mandatory fields must be filled, conditions must b...
Mashay Constantine-Yon 12 days ago in PIM (Product Information Management) 0 In review

Merchant File Upload

File uploads via file are possible in the merchant portal. After the merchant uploads a file in a defined format the products will be imported after undergoing an automatic vetting process. The results of the import are directly reported back to t...
Mashay Constantine-Yon 12 days ago in Data eXchange 0 New

Buybox Management

The ability for operators to easily configure different buy-box logic Examples: Alphabetic order, lowest-highest price, etc
Mashay Constantine-Yon 12 days ago in  0 New

Ability to change the sales order content after the purchase

Customers want to amend their orders after their purchase.
Jeremy Fourna 22 days ago in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) / OMS (Order Management System) 0 Long Term Roadmap

Dont reload PDP on selection of superattribute

As a customer i dont want to reload the pdp on each selection of a superattribute, to avoid delays in selecting products.
Simon Mathis about 2 months ago in Storefront 0 Planned

Product Duplication & Syndication

Operators need the ability to manage duplicate products
Mashay Constantine-Yon 12 days ago in PIM (Product Information Management) 0 New

Delivery Method per Merchant

B2B Marketplaces who have direct relationships with Merchants Operators have the ability to set-up delivery methods per Merchant Merchants have the ability to self-administer delivery methods which operators can approve The options would be displa...
Mashay Constantine-Yon 12 days ago in Carrier Management 0 New

Merchant Reporting & Dashboards

Merchants have detailed reporting in order to evaluate their own activities on the marketplace Examples: Orders per Store (i.e country), Orders per Customer (B2B scenario where there are direct relationships)
Mashay Constantine-Yon 12 days ago in  0 New